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Neyveli is a town located about 55 km east of Cuddalore in the South Arcot district of Tamil Nadu. During the construction of irrigation wells occurrence of lignite deposits at shallow depths was noticed in Neyveli area. When systematic geological investigations were taken up in the area, occurrence of lignite over an area of 260 With reserves of 2100 million tones discovered.

Administration :

The township of Neyveli is managed by the Department of Township Administration (TA), under the Neyveli Lignite Corporation. The TA department, comprises Water Services, Sanitary Service, Fuse Call Services (Power Manangement), Telecom and also Maintenance and Repairs.The township comes under the Kurinjipadi Legislative Constituency and Chidhambaram Reserved Parliamentary Constituency of India. Tamil Nadu Police is the law-enforcement agency in Neyveli, which includes as dedicated All-Women Police Station. Apart from the State Police services, the industrial units employ Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for maximum security.

Culture :

● Neyveli has a culture of its own.

● The fact that all the people that live in Neyveli are not natives of the town, brings about a sense of diaspora.

● There are cultural organizations meant to encourage different regional cultures of India, there are temples and places of worship that quite reflect the diversity of the place.

● People who live here are either employed by Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC)or by the business enterprises that service those employees or NLC. Disparities in wealth is rather limited - one can consider it as a Public Sector Unit (PSU) salaried class culture.

● High literacy rates and multilingual nature of people reflect in a culture that lays high importance for education.

Climate :

Contrasting to the adjacent arid regions of Cuddalore district, the township of Neyveli boasts a low-moderate tropical climate, mainly due to the rich fauna planted as part of the landscaping during the development of the township. Summers are cooler (temperatures still reach above 40C) and winters are colder than the nearby regions, even though the township is at the same altitude with them. It has red soil which is quite fertile.

Geography :


11.30 N 79.30 E[1]

Average Elevation 87 metres (285 feet)

Connected by Road




Layout :

The township of Neyveli is one of the modern, well-planned townships in India, and can be compared to the likes of Chandigarh. The township was in fact planned just like the city of [[Chandigarh]], with the township being sub-divided into 'blocks'. Each block is 1000 m by 700 m in size. The main roads of Neyveli dividing each of the blocks are double-laned modern roads, constructed with rubberised top layer. The housing quarters are around 21,000 in number and vary between hostel-type buildings with 6 apartments to individual two-floor single cottage type quarters. The houses were originally constructed using concrete, while newer buildings are constructed using 'hollow blocks' cast from flyash which is a by-product of lignite.



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